2020 Colour Trends

Dark colours were a continued trend in 2020, but do we think we will continue to see that in 2021?

Yes, we do!

2020 Aluminum Colours

Our most popular aluminum colours are more of a dark and neutral palette. These colours have also presented as higher ranking in previous years.

Black aluminum swatch


Chestnut aluminium swatch


Dark Brown aluminum swatch

Dark Brown

Polar aluminum swatch


Pebblestone aluminum swatch


2020 Vinyl Colours

Overall, from our 5 locations, we found that these vinyl siding colours have been a big hit in 2020 and will continue to grow in 2021.

Stratus vinyl siding swatch


Gunmetal Grey vinyl siding swatch

Gunmetal Grey

Rockaway Grey vinyl siding swatch

Rockaway Grey

Brownstone vinyl siding swatch


Sapphire Blue vinyl siding swatch

Sapphire Blue

Looking at each branch individually, throughout 2020 the blues and greens are rising in popularity, and we hope to see more traction of those colours in 2021. They are cool calming colours but have such a positive impact on curb appeal.

If you want to see what colours we have available in our aluminum products, view our colour matrix.


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