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James Hardie is a fiber cement siding and trim product that is known for its performance and durability. It's proven to withstand the harsh weather elements such as hurricanes, UV rays, snowstorms, and the seasonally changing temperatures.

Since James Hardie is specifically manufactured to withstand harsh weather elements, it's protected against moisture and rotting. It's also fire protected, which means it will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame or contribute fuel to a fire. James Hardie siding offers little appeal to birds and other critters, and won't be eaten by termites. 


James Hardie created the HardieZone system to ensure homeowners are getting the proper products for the region they live in.

HZ5 products are formulated with the highest quality raw materials, products resist from growing mold, shrinking, swelling, and cracking.

HZ10 products are to protect homes against the heat, humidity, blistering sun, and more. HZ10 products are formulated with the highest quality raw materials to resist cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling.

James Hardie combines beautiful design and high-performance to give any home the curb appeal it deserves! This siding comes in a variety of profiles, sizes, and colour collections that ensures you create the look you want for your home.

HardiePlank Lap Siding 

Select Cedarmill features a soft textured, natural cedar look, available in the Statement Collection and the Dream Collection. HardiePlank Lap Siding is 5/16" thick and is available in 12' lengths.

Statement Collection consists of classic shades and the most popular hues. This collection is available with a 7" exposure.

*Statement Collection is also available in a Smooth finish (7" exposure).

Dream Collection features hundreds of colours in any hue. This collection is available in 4", 5", 6", and 7" exposures. 

*Dream Collection is also available in a Smooth finish (5", 6", or 7" exposure), Beaded Cedarmill (6 3/4" exposure), Beaded Smooth finish (6 3/4" exposure), Colonial Roughsawn (6 3/4" exposure), and Colonial Smooth (6 3/4" exposure).



The HardiePanel are sheets of Hardie Board that can be used to re-create the look of a board and batten style siding, using HardieTrim, or by themselves. It's available in Select Cedarmill, Smooth, or Stucco finishes. 

Select Cedarmill is available in both the Statement Collection or the Dream Collection.

Statement Collection is available in 4' x 10' pieces.

Dream Collection is available in 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' pieces.

Smooth finish is available in both the Statement Collection or the Dream Collection in both 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' pieces.

Stucco finish is only available in the Dream Collection in 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' pieces.



The HardieShingle, also known as shake siding, adds a rustic Cape Cod feeling to any home or cottage. It offers two selections of panels called the Straight Edge Panel and the Staggered Edge Panel.

Straight Edge Panel is available in the Statement Collection as well as the Dream Collection. Both collections are available in a 1/4" thick, 2' board. 

Statement Collection is available with a 6.976" exposure.

Dream Collection is available with a 6" exposure. 

Staggered Edge Panel is available in the Dream Collection with a 1/4" thick, 2' board with a 6" exposure.


This product is a special order. Please contact your local branch or sales representative for lead times, quotes or more information.

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