Go Bold With The Simcoe Series

Whether you want to add a subtle and unique accent to your home or make it stand out from the rest of the block, consider using the Simcoe Series line of aluminum products for your next exterior project.

The Simcoe Series is a modern yet rustic colour collection designed to elevate the home's exterior. It features seven natural colours from nature - including six unique woodgrain colours highlighting authentic wood tones and one stone variation composed of natural stone hues. 

These seven beautiful colours are available in various Buchner Manufacturing aluminum products, with the quality and durability as our solid line of colours that you know and love. The same aluminum is used to manufacture these products and features the corresponding 8-mil paint thickness that won't chip, peel, or flake under normal conditions. 

Roofing, eavestroughing, siding, soffit and fascia products are all available to use as the dominant colour on your home or as an accent feature. 

Start elevating your home with the Simcoe Series

Honeycomb - 402

Honeycomb features numerous yellow, orange, and brown tones to replicate a cedar woodgrain. 

Colours to match with Honeycomb are Polar, Antique White, Wicker, Sierra, Sandalwood, Pebblestone, Chestnut, Chocolate, Platinum, and Metallic Copper.

Mustang Brown - 403

Mustang Brown comes together with various light and dark brown shades to create a realistic woodgrain.

Colours to match with Mustang Brown are Polar, Sandstone, Pebblestone, Clay, Chestnut, Chocolate, Antique Brown, Colonial Red, and Forest Green.

Hazelnut - 483

Hazelnut pulls both light brown and black together to create a softer woodgrain pattern.

Colours to match with Hazelnut are Polar, Sandstone, Chestnut, Chocolate, Antique Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Tile Red, Evergreen, and Platinum.

Onyx - 502

Onyx brings together a grey-ish blue with black to create a darker woodgrain that matches any colour.

Colours to match with Onyx are Polar, Iron Ore, Dark Brown, Charcoal, Flagstone, Evergreen, Rustic Blue, Heron Blue, Platinum, and Metallic Copper.

Barn Board - 504

Barn Board is a mix of grey and black and features a silver shimmer to make it pop and mimic the look of authentic barn board.

Colours to match with Barn Board are Polar, Clay, Terra Bronze, Iron Ore, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Charcoal, Forest Green, and Platinum.

Midnight Carbide - 505

 Midnight Carbide is a splash of grey shimmer on a black background that simulates the realistic look of snow obsidian rock.

Colours to match with Midnight Carbide are Polar, Poplar, Sandstone, Pebblestone, Clay, Terra Bronze, Iron Ore, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Flagstone, Platinum, and Metallic Copper.

Solstice Grey - 512

Solstice Grey is a lighter shade of woodgrain that features green-blue hues with grey tones.

Colours to match with Solstice Grey are Polar, Sandstone, Terra Bronze, Canyon Clay, Black, Grey, Charcoal, Flagstone, Rustic Blue, Heron Blue, and Platinum.

The Simcoe Series is a one-of-a-kind aluminum product for any exterior or interior projects.

It can be hard to envision it on your home or what it looks like on someone else's home, so visit our project gallery or Houzz for pictures of previous projects.

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