Ways To Give Your Home a Modern-Day Farmhouse Look

Farmhouses are one of the most influential and trendy exterior designs to this day. The white siding, covered porches, dark trim, and metal roofing have a majority of people in awe.  

A modern farmhouse combines a rustic and cozy farmhouse feel with sleek and sharp lines you would usually see on a modern home. It generates a unique and modernized look while still being traditional and having a fresh country living that some people strive for.

Here are some design ideas in order to achieve the modern-day farmhouse look.

  1. Black, White, and Natural Wood

If you have been looking for inspiration, there's no denying that a majority of farmhouse exteriors feature white siding, with black trims, and natural wood accents. This is an easy and beautiful way of creating an elegant and classic, but contemporary look.

White siding (wood or vinyl) with black eavestroughing and trims (wood or aluminum), and wood porch beams or gable accents is an example of what this design would look like.

  1. Rustic Texture with a Crisp Exterior Colour

If white doesn't appeal to you, opt for a crisp colour combination but still add some rustic charm. You can include a light pastel colour, or go bold and add a dark blue exterior accent wall. Adding some natural wood accents on your porch or gable ends will still give your home a traditional farmhouse look and feel.

  1. Metal Roof

Metal roofs are more popular with farmhouse exteriors because the modern design is also aesthetically pleasing and compliments the rest of the exterior. There are many different styles of metal roofing and colours to choose from, to give your house that pop.

  1. Wrap-Around Porch

There are so many benefits to having a wrap-around porch, such as entertainment and relaxation, but it's also a classic design element to the modern farmhouse. What can you do to enhance a wrap-around porch?

  1. Wood supporting beams – if you already have exposed support beams, then flaunt them! Otherwise, you can add some in to give it that rustic feel.
  2. Thick white columns – Add some white columns or repaint your existing columns.
  3. Add a porch swing – who doesn’t love a porch swing? This just screams modern farmhouse.
  4. Add rocking chairs – no farmhouse is complete without a rocking chair on the porch!
  5. Flowers – flowers are a great way to decorate for each season as well as adds to the farmhouse aesthetic.
  6. Gable Roof

Creating a larger gable that features cedar shakes (whether they be real or faux) or board and batten siding is a classic, traditional farmhouse element, especially when it's paired with a modern farmhouse design. You can also opt for a smooth siding profile in your gable to contrast the modern farmhouse elements.

Other ways you can add quick farmhouse details to your home would be:

  1. Light fixtures - Use industrial light fixtures to enhance the modern aspect of your farmhouse.
  2. Cobblestone walkways - Cobblestone walkways have been used for centuries. It gives your home an "old-world" look, giving off more of a ranch look, but it pairs perfectly with the modernity of your farmhouse.
  3. Front Door - Depending on your home's exterior colour, you can go with a bold coloured front door or a beautifully natural and rustic wood door.
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Whether you’re modernizing a farmhouse or want to give your house a new look, these ideas are a sure way to boost your home’s curb appeal. If you need any materials to achieve the modern farmhouse of your dreams or want more design ideas, contact one of BMI’s branches.