Air Vent - Gunmetal Grey

Air Vent - Gunmetal GreySKU: MVVS9750514

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Air Vent - Gunmetal Grey 

  • This two-piece air vent is used for cross-ventilation of garages, foundations and range hoods as well
  • The design allows for open or closed flaps
  • Features a molded mesh to help prevent insect intrusion
  • Surface dimensions 7" x 11"
  • Flange dimensions 73/4" x 123/4"
  • J-Channel internal dimension 3/4" adjusts to 11/4"
  • Net free area 19 sq in
  • Colour matched to any Mitten Vinyl Siding colours

*Note Mitten has discontinued Air Vents, when stock is sold Air Vents in Gunmetal Grey will be discontinued 

We currently have 4 vents in Steven Court 


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