Tips to Spruce Up Your Foundation or Underneath Your Deck

Not sure what to do with the awkward space underneath of your deck? Do you want to use it as extra storage but not sure how to hide it? What about your foundation; does it match your exterior?

Your foundation and deck may look like a daunting project to cover, but it's a great DIY project with these user-friendly products.

What products can you use?

  1. Novik Stone
  2. Fusion Stone
  3. Genstone
  4. Versetta Stone

Each of the above products is available in various profiles and colours to match each exterior design or style you prefer. 

Novik - Hand Cut Stone in Moka
Fusion Stone - Dry Stack Stone in Caramel
Genstone - Stacked Stone in Desert Sunrise
Versetta Stone - Ledgestone in Plum Creek


If you're not looking for a stone product, there are other ways to achieve the same idea.

  1. You can also use flowers and other plants to cover these areas. 
  2. Install lattice around the outside of the deck.
  3. Paint the foundation a colour to match the exterior.

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