b'SOFFITAttic ventilation is very important for any home as it keeps condensation to a minimum and helps keep the home cooler during the summer. A well-ventilated attic will help minimize the potential for damage from mold and mildew. Many different styles and colours of high-quality, maintenance-free soffits are available. T3 Soffit*16 coverage/panel*Shown in PolarVentedSOFFIT LENGTH PIECES/ COVERAGE/CARTON CARTONTriple 312 12 192 sq ftNon-VentedTriple 312 12 192 sq ftVentedT3 Soffit provides 14.4 of free air space per lineal foot or 10.8 per square foot.Q4 Soffit Non-Vented*15 coverage/panel*Shown in CreamSOFFIT LENGTH PIECES/ COVERAGE/CARTON CARTON VentedQuad 412 20 300 sq ftNon-VentedQuad 412 20 300 sq ftVentedQuad 4 HVY126 12 187.5 sq ftNon-VentedQuad 4 HVY126 12 187.5 sq ftVentedQ4 Soffit provides 12.1 of free air space perNon-Ventedlineal foot or 9.6 per square foot.D5 Soffit*10 coverage/panel*Minimum 1 carton order*Shown in Burgundy VentedSOFFIT LENGTH PIECES/ COVERAGE/CARTON CARTONDouble 512 12 120 sq ftNon-VentedDouble 512 12 120 sq ftVentedDouble 5 12 12 120 sq ftEmbossedD5 Soffit provides 8.4 of free air space per Non-Vented lineal foot or 10.1 per square foot.SOFFIT*40+ colours available.*D5 Vented & Non-Vented are also availablein HVY Gauge.*Custom lengths available (816); set-upWoodgrain Embossed charge applies.*Shown in Dark Brown10 Toll Free 800.461.6455'