b'HANGERS AND OUTLETSBMI manufactures a wide variety of hangers and outlets for eavestroughsour high-quality materialsmeet any installation need. Our core products are listed below. Please refer to our website for a complete list. Hangers Solid BackSupreme Screw-On Ultimate Screw-OnHeavy Duty II NC Supreme NCHeavy Duty II NC Supreme Screw-OnSolid Back Ultimate Screw-On Supreme NC5 (400 pcs/ctn) 5 (400 pcs/ctn) 5 (700 pcs/ctn)5 (500 pcs/ctn) 6 (300 pcs/ctn) 5 (400 pcs/ctn) 6 (300 pcs/ctn) 6 (400 pcs/ctn)7 (250 pcs/ctn) 7 (350 pcs/ctn)SS Roof Straps attach to the Roof Bracket & SS Roof Strap eavestrough hangers, whereas SS Roof StrapRoof Brackets attach to the front 100 pcs/ctn Roof Bracket lip of the eavestrough. Both styles fasten down to the roof.OutletsSm Sq Outlet (2)2 Pop-in Outlet 30 pcs/ctn 30 pcs/ctn300 pcs/bulk ctn 250 pcs/bulk ctn 33 Outlet2 Pop-in OutletEAVESTROUGH44 Outlet 50 pcs/ctn30 pcs/ctn 250 pcs/bulk ctn250 pcs/bulk ctn is for 33 only5 34 Oval Outlet3 Pop-in Outlet5 Flange150 pcs/ctn50 pcs/ctn 3Pop-in Outlet150 pcs/bulk ctn *Also available in 6100 pcs/ctnAll styles of outlets feature side dimples that facilitate snapping into eavestrough on accurately cut holes.8 Toll Free 800.461.6455'