b'TOOLS AND VAN MARK BRAKESThe Real Difference.PROS CHOOSE GENUINE MALCO TOOLSU.S. Patent No. SRT2 10,328,554 MSHC MV12Siding Removal ToolCleanable, Reversible,Multi-Purpose for Vinyl SidingMagnetic Hex DriverAndy Snips Withasmoothunlockingmotion,aneasy-to- Double-duty chuck driver with 2-EZ TechnologyLightweight 12 in. (31 cm) aluminum handled graspstraighthandleandanon-sliptexturedensures that every day use 1/4 in. and 5/16 in.combination snip, features a BIG 3 in. (76 mm) grip; this handy tool will save you time by cleanlyHex Drives are always close at hand.With singlecutting depth. Inset steel blades feature a knife removing vinyl siding!The blade of the SRT2 ispiece strength and an indestructible magnet, itslike edge that produces a smooth slicing action angled from the bottom plane of the handle andthe perfect companion for trade professionals. for cutting thick or layered vinyl and a variety of allows the user to keep the wrist straight whileother flexible materials.keeping knuckles well above the work. Malco Products, SBCAnnandale, MN. U.S.A.www.malcotools.com2020Malco Buchner Ad 4.75x7.25_2020.indd 1 11/21/19 1:50 PMLight GaugeHeavy DutyIndustrial andSlitters and TablesResidential Brakes Residential Brakes Metal RoongMark II TrimMaster - TM10* Mark II TrimMaster HD - TM10HD* Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ - IM1055* Trim-A-Slitter Perf ComboFor slitting and perforating painted For bending light gaugeFor bending slightlyFor bending paintedsteel for metal roong.trim coil for siding,heavier gutter coils. steel for metal roong.windows, and roong. For cutting angles on siding and trim. TOOLSMetal Master 20 - MM1050* Metal Master 20 HD - MM1051* Mark IV Industrial Trimmaster - IT10* Trim-A-Table TAT60*(Saw not included)van-mark.comwww.BuchnerMfg.com *All Van Mark models pictured are shown with optional accessories. 33'