b'TRIMSROOF EDGINGA key component of a well-installed roof is trim, not just for looks but for functionality. Roof edging helps drain water off the roof and into the eavestrough without allowing water to seep in behind the fascia, where problems can develop.38 820 pcs/ctn 10 pcs/bdl 10 pcs/bdl*Shown in Chestnut *Shown in ChestnutRoof Edge Steel Roof Edge Roof Edge Galv.All 910 lengths38 2418 120 pcs/ctn 16 30 pcs/ctn 2*Shown in Polar *Shown in ChestnutLarge Roof Edge 910 lengths Drip Edge 910 lengths Drip Cap 12 lengths43236224 2 50 pcs/bdl or 5000 pcs/skid 32Sold by the piece Used where a sloped roof intersects with aInstalled where a sloped roof intersects with a vertical wall. vertical wall to create a barrier in this water-vulnerable area. *Shown in Black *Available in 2, 3, 3 & 4 ai157661168817_pub_produits_4x_horizontale_1_4.pdf 1 19-12-17 14:41End Wall Flashing 910 lengths Galvanized Step FlashingBUILDINGPRODUCTSWaterproong Insulation MaintenanceICE AND WATER SYNTHETIC ROOFINGPROTECTOR UNDERLAYMENTRESISTO LB1236 RESISTORAnti-slip sanded surface Larger coverage per rollResistant to outdoor temperatureA nailing pattern is printed on the ROOFINGchanges surface for easy installationROOF SYNTHETIC ROOFINGUNDERLAYMENT UNDERLAYMENTHIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTOR PLUSLASTOBOND PRO HT-NAnti-slip surface Nine times lighter than felt paperHigh temperature resistant up toFive times stronger than felt paper90 C (194 F)22 Toll Free 800.461.6455resisto.ca'