b'FASTENERSBMI supplies fasteners for all product lines. Fasteners can be used for eavestrough, soffit, fascia, downpipes and elbows. The fasteners are colour-matched to our aluminum and steel colours.#6 Pan Head Screws100 pcs/bag #6 Truss#12 1 HDRivets10 bags/ctn Head Screws Trough Screws 1000 pcs/jar 100 pcs/bag 50 pcs/bag 100 pcs/bag*Available in&10 bags/ctn 3,500 pcs/pail 10 bags/ctn*Shown in Forest Green 1000 pcs/jar *Exclusively at BMI *Shown in CharcoalGalv. Nails1, 2, 2 Roofing Screws5 lb/jar 1, 1, 2, 2 SS Roofing Screws30 lb/pail 50 pcs/bag 13 500 pcs/bag 100 pcs/ctn25 lb/pail 3250 pcs/bag *Galv. only 1, 1, 2, 2SS Trimnails 3hex head with neoprene1000 pcs/jar1 20 lb/pail washer, used for steel roofingPan head screws, used withlb/ctn Used for roofing, siding andand cladding.aluminum shingles or *Shown in Charcoal sheathing.*Shown in Dark Brown Snap-On roofingAluminum Fasteners#6SCREWS#6SCREWS#6SCREWS#6SCREWSRIVETS SS TRIMNAILS(BOX) (JAR) (BOX) (JAR)Polar, Antique White,Polar, Antique White,Polar, Antique White,Polar, Antique White,Polar, Antique White,*All 5 eavestrough Cream, Sandalwood,Cream, Sandalwood,Cream, Sandalwood,Cream, Sandalwood,Cream, Sandalwood,colours except Heron Pebblestone, Clay,Clay, Terra Bronze,Clay, Chestnut, DarkPebblestone, Clay,Clay, Terra Bronze,Blue and Metallic Terra Bronze, Chestnut,Chestnut, Black, Grey,Brown, Black, Grey,Terra Bronze, Chestnut,Chestnut, Ant. Brown,Copper.Dark Brown, Black,Charcoal, ColonialCharcoal, Forest GreenDark Brown, Black,Black, Grey, Charcoal, Grey, Charcoal,Red, Forest Green,and Plated. Grey, Charcoal, ColonialColonial Red, Forest Colonial Red, ForestRustic Blue, Plated andRed, Forest Green andGreen, Heron Blue, Green, Rustic Blue,Metallic Copper.Plated. Rustic Blue, Metallic Plated and MetallicCopper, Copper and Copper. Stainless Steel.Roofing FastenersFASTENERS1 SCREWS1 SCREWS1 SCREWS1 SCREWS2 SCREWS2 SCREWS2 SCREWS2 SCREWS (50 PCS) (500 PCS) (50 PCS) (500 PCS) (50 PCS) (500 PCS) (50 PCS) (500 PCS)White, Bone,White, Bone,White, Bone,White, Bone,White, Bone,White, Bone,White, Coffee,White, Coffee, Coffee, Black,Coffee, Black,Tan, Coffee, DarkTan, Coffee, DarkTan, Coffee,Tan, Coffee,Dark Brown,Black, Stone Stone Grey,Charcoal,Brown, Black,Brown, Black,Dark Brown,Dark Brown,Black, StoneGrey, Charcoal, Charcoal,Melcher GreenStone Grey,Stone Grey,Black, StoneBlack, StoneGrey, Charcoal,Melcher Green Melcher Greenand Galvanized. Charcoal, BrightCharcoal, BrightGrey, Charcoal,Grey, Charcoal,Melcher Green,and Galvanized.and Galvanized. Red, Tile Red,Red, Tile Red,Tile Red, MelcherTile Red, MelcherForest Green Melcher Green,Melcher GreenGreen andGreen andand Galvanized.Forest Green andand Galvanized. Galvanized. Galvanized.Galvanized.www.BuchnerMfg.com 29'