b'SNAP ON ROOFING AND TRIMSStanding seam roofing with its hidden fastener design gives a sleek look while providing excellent protection for your home.1 Snap On 7.5 Snap On 11*Available in aluminum and steel *Available in steel*Shown in Solstice Grey *Shown in BoneSNAP ON WIDTH LENGTHSnap On 7.5 7 824Snap On 11 11 82472 111 15328 4 212*Shown in Tile Red *Shown in Dark Brown*Shown in Tile Red.Ridge Cap Eave Starter4 413 8 3 1*Shown in Charcoal *Shown in Forest GreenEndwall Trim Sidewall Trim8 141Valley Clip 3A valley clip is placed every 116 16 on both sides along the ROOFINGvalley. 52 4 8*Shown in Platinum *Shown in CreamValley Trim Rake TrimSnow Cone *Simcoe Series is only available in aluminum.*Shown in Chestnut *All trims are sold by the piece in 10 lengths. Used to stop the snow from sliding, allowing it to melt through the cone and drain into the 20 eavestrough. Toll Free 800.461.6455'