b'TOOLSBuchner Manufacturing offers a wide range of quality tools to assist with all installations. Below are just a few of the most popular. Visit one of our branches or the website for a complete list. BMI Short Hex Head Driver6 Magnetic Quick Release ExtensionBMI Tape MeasureDesigned forhexagon inserts.Designed forhexagon inserts and power bits.Imperial measurements.A perfect fit for our screw-on hangerThe black spinning sleeve allows for stabilization of25 long with magnetic tip.hex screws.the bit while in use.BMI PunchletCaution Flag ClampFlatstock Band Zipper Siding Eliminates the need for an outlet. Clip to the end of materialsProtect your trim coilsRemoval Tool* Available in 33 & 44 after loading so otherduring storage with ourHand tool to unhook drivers are aware of theflatstock bands. siding.load.Power Cutter OffsetLeft Offset Aviation SnipPipe Cutter (MW-P1)Aviation Snip (P6516) (P6510L - Red) Creates 2 finished edges with 1 cut.Cuts straight, up to 20 ga cold-rolledCuts straight and tight curves, up toCuts through 24 ga cold-rolled steel.steel. 18 ga cold-rolled steel.Extra-wide blade opening, with a cutEasiest to use with right hand.length of 2.TOOLSSnap Lock PunchSheet Metal16 Hand12 Aliminum (SL2R) Crimper (33-700) Seamer (03-539) Scissors (36-374)Crimps eavestroughCreates a crimp in theCreates 1 deep bendsIdeal for cutting sheet end caps into place. end of a downpipe to fitwithout seamer losingmetal, roofing, vinyl Adjustable settingstwo pieces together forstrength because itand other building fromto . a leak proof connection. doesnt use springs. materials.32'