b'Unique products, features and services of BMI that set us above the competition.ServiceBuchner Manufacturing has over 40 years experience in the building industry,pleasevisityourlocalshowroomfordesignideas.We canalsohelpinthedesignandplanningofyourmetalroofing projects.Ifyouarehavingissueswithyourrainwaresystem talk to our staff on how you can make changes or a re-design of your eavestrough system to save money and protect your home. Product/Feature Benefits44 Downpipes and Elbows Largest square pipe on the market, manufactured in Canada Available in aluminum and steelCan be used on 6 troughs or largerHandles todays severe downpoursBigger means less chance of cloggingExtreme Mitre Doubles the water capacity of a normal mitrePrevents overflow from roof valleysCan be used as a catch basin for 44pipeMade from .032 aluminumStrongest screw-on hanger BMI currently manufacturesUltimate Hanger No other Canadian manufacturer produces an equivalentDeep washer hex head provides better seat on driver bitsSaw tooth thread cuts through aluminum, steel, wood and fibrecement with ease1000 hour plating tops industry standardsCurved profile allows gutter screen to lay flat withoutinterference'