b'EAVESTROUGH AND ACCESSORIESAn eavestrough system is designed to catch the rainwater that rushes down your homes roof. Well designed and installed accessories will help create a trail for the water to properly drain. 5 & 6 TroughCustom Lengths5 & 6 End Caps *Max 24 on BMI trucks 25L & 25R/ctn *Shown in Wicker *Sold in pairs*Shown in PebblestoneBox Mitres Extreme Mitre*Inside/Outside corners *Inside corner onlyOutside Inside *Shown in Forest Green*Shown in Chocolate *Shown in SandalwoodStrip Mitres Bay Mitres*Inside/Outside corners *Inside/Outside cornersMITRE SIZE PIECES/ ANGLECARTONBox5 20 90MitreExtreme5 10 90MitreStrip5/6 20 90MitreBay5/6 20 30-75MitreOutside Inside Outside Inside*Shown in Metallic Copper *Shown in Platinum *Shown in Charcoal *Shown in Sandstone EAVESTROUGH5 & 6 Gutter Wedge Strip/Bay Mitre Templates 50 pcs/ctn*Inside/Outside corners Plumbs slanted or pitched fascia board*Available in White and Brown *Shown in BrownOutside Strip Mitre Outside Bay Mitre90 30-75Used to help cut eavestrough corners on the correct angles.Splash Guard Prevents overflow from valleys on inside corners.*Sold by the piece *Shown in Chestnutwww.BuchnerMfg.com 5'