b'STEEL EAVESTROUGHING AND ACCESSORIESThe same look as aluminum, but with the strength and durability of steel. This product line is made to last. End Caps25L/25R/ctn*Sold in pairs*Shown in Bone5 Galvanized Hangers II250 pcs/ctnPipestrap100 pcs/ctn5 & 6 Trough *Fits LG downpipesCustom lengths *Shown in Coffee Brown*Max 24 on BMI trucks*Shown in Charcoal/Tile Red 44 Pipe Clip Gutter Tie II 100 pcs/ctn50 pcs/ctn *Shown in Charcoal/Grey*Shown in CreamDownpipes Elbows Offset*910 lengths *75 angle *30 angleLGLG LG4444PIPE SIZE PIECES/ ELBOW SIZE PIECES/ ELBOW SIZE PIECES/CARTON CARTON CARTONLG 33 6 LG 33 30 LG 33 30Diamond Shingle 44 44 4 44 44 12COPPER AND STEEL*All LG Downpipe/Elbows shown in Forest Green/Cream.*All 44 Downpipe/Elbows shown in Black/Dark Brown. SNOW Snow Guards GUARD HEIGHT*All 10 lengths*Sold by the piece DF 2*Shown in Charcoal/Tile RedLG DF LG 35 & 6LG & 445 & 6PIPESTRAPS &1 SNAP-ON GUTTER COIL DOWNPIPE &END CAPS 44 PIPE CLIPS ROOFINGSNAP11 ROOFINGELBOWSPolar/Bone, Polar, Bone, Cream,Bone, Charcoal and TilePolar, Bone, Cream,Polar, Bone, Cream,Polar, Bone, Cream, Cream/Forest Green,Chestnut, Coffee,Red. Chestnut, Coffee,Chestnut, Coffee,Chestnut, Coffee, Coffee/Chestnut,Dark Brown, Black,Dark Brown, Black,Dark Brown, Black,Dark Brown, Black, Dark Brown/Black andCharcoal, Tile Red andCharcoal, Tile Red andCharcoal, Tile Red andCharcoal, Tile Red and Charcoal/Tile Red. Forest Green. Forest Green. Forest Green. Forest Green.www.BuchnerMfg.com 27'