b'DOWNPIPE AND ACCESSORIESMoisture and mold can damage a home if downpipes and elbows are not installed properly. The corrugation on BMIs downpipes and elbows provides additional strength and rigidity to makethis a high-quality, low-maintenance product for your home.Downpipes*910 lengthsPIPE SIZE PIECES/CARTONSQ 2210SQ LG 33 10LGXL XL 33 1044 44 44 4Elbows*75 angleELBOW SIZE PIECES/CARTONSQ 2230LG 33 30XL 33 30SQ LG XL 44 44 44 12Offsets*30 angleELBOW SIZE PIECES/CARTONSQ 2230LG 33 30XL 33 3044 44 18SQ LG XL 44*All SQ Downpipe/Elbows are shown in Colonial Red*All LG Downpipe/Elbows are shown in Barn Board*All XL Downpipe/Elbows are shown in PebblestoneEAVESTROUGH*All 44 Downpipe/Elbows are shown in PolarPipestrap 100 pcs/ctn *Fits all pipes except 44*Shown in PebblestonePipe Clip SQ 50 pcs/ctn LG50 pcs/ctn 4x450 pcs/ctn *SQ & LG available in Polar & Chestnut only*Shown in Pebblestone6 Toll Free 800.461.6455'